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Why PhoneGate?

We have noticed that the world of assistive technologies lacks mobile and smartphone solutions. In Serwantess, we already had control over ordinary phones, but mobile phones and smartphones were less covered. PhoneGate is an ideal solution for a large number of people with disabillities who are using mobile phones and smartphones.

What is PhoneGate?

PhoneGate is a small device you plug into your cell phone so you can call anyone. It’s a part of Serwantess.

How does PhoneGate work?

PhoneGate works with a small InfraRed device that connects to a mobile phone and with a free PhoneGate application that is available on Google Play. When the device is plugged into a mobile phone - it automatically launches an application and you can say "Serwantess, call John." and he will call John. This mechanism allows you to call the contacts you want and can integrate into any environmental control system. PhoneGate works independently of the internet connection and that’s why it is one of the most reliable products of this type.

Can I Use PhoneGate if I dont have Serwantess?

Yes, you can! PhoneGate has an InfraRed device which receives the information you send via Serwantess or via another device with an InfraRed transmitter. So you don’t need to have the Serwantess. In that case, you can use another system that sends InfraRed signals - and enter each person you want to call.

Currently I dont have Serwantess. Which device can I use in that case?

Here is an example of how PhoneGate works without Serwantess - using another InfraRed device. You can see it HERE .

In the video we used a BigJack InfraRed device with two Smoothie switches . Each switch is used for calling one person. Of course, you can add more switches or use other InfraRed devices. When you press a switch - it sends a code that activates PhoneGate and dials the number that you want to call.

I want PhoneGate! What should I do?

Send us an e-mail at and we will personally contact you.


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