About Serwantess

About Serwantess

What is Serwantess really?

Serwantess is an electronic system that allows the users to literally talk to it and thus control their home. Although we like calling it personal electronic assistant, Serwantess is not a robot. Serwantess is a system which consists of a number of electronic devices. The main part of the system is the central Serwantess unit that can speak with you and give commands to other devices that control your home appliances.

Simple commands

Communication with Serwantess is easy - simple and intuitive. One can execute an action by just giving a simple voice command. Commands are customized by our installers according to the needs of the user. 

Example dialog

User_baloncic_sjena.png User: Serwantess!
Servus_baloncic_sjena.png Serwantess: Yes, please?
User_baloncic_sjena.png User: Turn on the TV
spacer.png Channel three.
spacer.png Louder.
spacer.png Unlock the door.
Servus_baloncic_sjena.png  Serwantess: Do you want to unlock the door?
User_baloncic_sjena.png  User: Yes 
Servus_baloncic_sjena.png  Serwantess: I am unlocking the door.
User_baloncic_sjena.png User: Thank you!
Servus_baloncic_sjena.png Serwantess: You are welcome.

Serwantess is speaker independent

Serwantess is great because it is technically speaking a “speaker-independent speech recognition system”. It means that you don’t need to train him. Serwantess will listen to your voice from the first minute it comes to your house. Since it is speaker independent it will listen to you even when your voice changes, for example if you have a cold.

High-tech for everyone

Although the technology behind Serwantess is very advanced, everything is very simple for the user. The user communicates with the system by means of a small microphone. Serwantess receives the instructions through the microphone and executes them. It cannot be simpler than that and all the technical details are being taken care of by our installers.

Speaks your language

If you are from Italy, your Serwantess  will speak Italian and understand Italian commands. If you live in Amsterdam your Serwantess will speak Dutch with you. Currently Serwantess “speaks” English, German, Italian, Dutch, Croatian and Slovenian. French and Spanish will be available very soon. If you want Serwantess to support some other languages, please let us know.


More wires? No.

Communication with the devices that control your home appliances is carried out mainly through existing power wiring so it is not necessary to lay extra cables. There is also wireless communication option. These are the reasons why the installations of the Serwantess system can be performed in only one day.

Continuous upgrade

The modular architecture of Serwantess system allows users to subsequently add new devices. For example, you can initially invest in a Serwantess system that allows control of television and lightning. Then, next year, extend the features of Serwantess by adding control of the front door and air conditioning.

About_lights_icon.png Lights

Serwantess can control all the lights that you want. No matter if it is an overhead light or a self-standing lamp we will make it listen to your command. Of course, the light switches on your wall still remain in fucnition but having Serwantess you can now control your lights with voice too.

About_phone_icon.png Telephone

Make phonecalls to people in your phonebook or just say the number you would like to dial. In order to call your friend, you just have to say “Serwantess, call John”. If you need medical help you just say “Call my doctor”. After asking to confirm your command Serwantess will connect you to the desired number. You can also receive and drop calls by saying simple commands.

About_TV_icon.png Television

Turn on the TV, change channel, browse through teletext, control volume... All the functions of your remote control can be transferred into voice commands. So, you don’t have to buy the cutting edge technology TV set in order to change channels by voice. Instead, you get Serwantess that enables you to control your existing TV.

About_door_icon.png Front door

This function combines video surveillance with remote door opening. When someone rings on your door you can ask Serwantess to show you the picture of your guest on the television. After you decide to let the person in, you can just say „Serwantess, unlock the door“. This function is very important for severely disabled people who stay alone at home for some time and cannot open the door on their own.

About_IR_icon.png IR Devices

Television is just one example of an infrared controlled device, but all others are supported too. So, if you buy another television set, or a media player, or a stereo system, or anything else with a remote control, we will program Serwantess to learn those codes and control all the equipment that you want. There is no limit on a number of devices that Serwantess can control.



Air conditioning
and Heating

Pick your favorite air conditioning setting and activate it with one simple command. If it gets cold you can simply say “Serwantess, turn on the heating”. All the commands are configurable based on your preferences (heating temperature, fan speed…) and memorized by Serwantess so that you never need to recall those settings.

About_web_icon.png Web browsing

Internet is all around us. With Serwantess you can browse the Web completely hands-free, without the need to use the keyboard and the mouse. All you need to do is speak. Serwantess will allow you to follow links, open new tabs, scroll pages, increase the font size, and much more. All these actions are performed by saying simple voice commands.



The list of Serwantess functions is virtually unlimited. For example, on your command Serwantess can let the window shutters down or pull them up. Even more, a single command can activate a series of events. For example, on your command “Serwantess, I would like to relax” Serwantess could dim your lights, let the window shutters down and let the music play.