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Cerebral palsy and Serwantess

Cerebral palsy occurs at an early age, it is usually caused by brain damage during pregnancy, during childbirth or after birth up to about age three, and it causes movement and balance disorder. Cerebral palsy is not a disease but a lifetime condition. Very often, people with cerebral palsy depend on other all their life.

Due to motor control disorder, people with cerebral palsy are not able to do most everyday activities by themselves. With Serwantess they become more independent. Serwantess increases quality of life by making possible for people with cerebral palsy to use their voice for controling their own home. This possibility makes life much easier.

Serwantess function that is most appreciated by people with cerebral palsy is unlocking the door by voice. All you have to say is „Unlock the door“ and Serwantess will let your guest in. With Serwantess you can unlock the door with three simple words, nothing else needed.

People with cerebral palsy often have reduced functionality in hands and fingers. With Serwantess help they can turn the lights on and off, control air conditioner, swap TV channels and control every other device without using remote control. All you need is to say what you want and Serwantess will do it for you.