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Seniors and Serwantess

Although it is a beautiful life period, it can bring many problems. Eyesight and hearing are getting weaker every day. It is not as easy to move like it was before, sometimes it is almost impossible. The person becomes dependent on others and many seniors live alone without any help.

Shaking hands make it impossible to use remote control. In situations like that one Serwantess can be a big help! It is enough to say „Serwantess, TV on“. Seniors don't even need remote control. They can do the same thing, but in a much easier way, with voice. „Channel three“, „Louder“ or „Mute“ are just some commands they can use to control devices with voice. As simple as that, you can control air conditioning. Tiny keys and letters are not a problem any more. All that you want, you can ask and Serwantess will do it for you.

Using a phone can be a problem for most seniors either because of the technology that they are not used to or because of shaking hands or low vision. Having Serwantess, they can make a phone call with a single voice command like: „Serwantess, call John“. Thanks to Serwantess, they don't have to remember or read doctor’s number, they can just say: „Serwantess, call my doctor“.

Without being reminded, a senior can forget to take a medicine or miss an appointment. Serwantess will handle that too. In the right moment Serwantess will remind you about important things to do during the day. Pleasant voice will say: „It is time for your medicine“.

Seniors often have fear of falling, especially if they live alone. Serwantess  will detect falls and call for help. Person doesn't have to do anything, Serwantess will do it automatically and help can come on time. With Serwantess  seniors can be safer, more independent and have a quality life in their own home. Sensors will detect fire, flood or gas and the alarm will inform you about the danger. Safety comes first!

With Serwantess, the whole family can be carefree. Although perhaps miles away, your family is now just three simple words away from you.