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Muscular dystrophy and Serwantess

Muscular dystrophy is a congenital disease that causes muscle deterioration. Although it varies from person to person, in most cases it causes reduced mobility due to muscle atrophy and muscle weakness.

Due to limited range movement, this disease makes it almost impossible for a person to do even basic activities in her own home. Weak muscles make simple, everyday activities a difficult challenge.

Getting out of the bed because of a door bell might be a big problem, especially if person is in a wheelchair. Serwantess is here to do it for you. All you need to do is to say „Serwantess, show me the door!“ and Serwantess will show you the front door on your own television. With command „Serwantess, unlock the door!“, Serwantess will unlock it and let your guest in.

With muscular dystrophy sometimes it is almost impossible to use remote control and telephone. Serwantess enables you to control all remote control devices with your own voice, hands free. If you want to change the channel on your TV all you need to do is say „Serwantess, channel three“ and if you want to call your friend, just say „Serwantess, call John“.

Serwantess is a big help for people with muscular dystrophy and their loved ones. It brings them independence, greater self esteem and a safer life.