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Notarius – wireless voice badge

Notarius is a tiny badge which understands what you are saying. It can be used in two modes: voice dictation and voice control.

Voice dictation

Notarius is used as a transcription server. While wearing Notarius you can simply talk and the text will be readily available on the server or on your computer.

Voice control

While wearing Notarius, one can simply start issuing commands and control the environment. Therefore, instead of using remote controls or some switches you can use Notarius as an alternative smart home interface.

Technical features

  1. Ultra low power consumption – no need to recharge for more than three days
  2. Ultra low energy emission – can be worn for long time with no health risk
  3. Very small and lightweight
  4. Stylish design
  5. Waterproof casing available
  6. Very robust design – fall and shake resistant