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Tourism and Serwantess

Where to go on a vacation and enjoy every day without obstacles? - Question often asked by tourists with disabilities. What more can I offer and what can I do to make my service recognized? - Question often asked by many landlords. The answer to both questions is definitely: Accommodation equipped with Serwantess system!

Take your accommodation unit in a whole new and wanted direction. If your accommodation unit is suitable for people with disabilities, offer them something innovative and enable them to control all devices in apartment or room with their own voice. Serwantess  is a true polyglot. With your guests Serwantess speaks Croatian, English, German, Italian, Dutch, French and Slovene. You choose language before each guest arrives.

Your guest will be able to control lights without getting out of bed, with a simple command: „Turn the light on/off!“. He will be able to manage TV, radio, media player or air conditioner. Your apartment will be remote control free and all devices will be managed by the voice. People, having problem using their hands, will be able to surf the internet and moreover you will be able to offer them the cheapest worldwide phone calls without phone in room or apartment.

Isn't it a great thing to offer something special, rare and uncommon? With Serwantess, your accommodation unit might get higher category in quality and new, satisfied guests.