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Tetraplegia and Serwantess

Tetraplegia is a paralysis caused by spine injury. People with tetraplegia have paralysis of four limbs, meaning arms and legs. Their movement is often depending on wheelchair which means everyday activities are difficult to handle.

For people with tetraplegia Serwantess  system is a life saver. Using remote control might be hard, even impossible. Because of it, person is often dependent on others, feeling isolated, and with low self esteem. With Serwantess system person with tetraplegia can control all devices without using remote control, just with voice commands like: „Serwantess, TV on“, „Louder“, „Channel three“...

Lots of people with tetraplegia have a fear of falling because at least twice a day they move from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. Serwantess has fall detection. If a person falls, Serwantess will dial friends, relatives or SOS number and help arrives as soon as possible.

It is almost impossible to use those small keys on telephones. Often a person with tetraplegia can't even hold a telephone. With Serwantess, she can make a phone call without physical contact with the device. It is enough to say „Serwantess, call John“ to make a phone call. This option is very important for more independent, social life for person with tetraplegia.

Biggest problem for people with tetraplegia is impossibility of moving and, because of it, staying home alone. Serwantess makes it much easier and safer. If you hear a door bell, you can say „Serwantess, show me the door“ and you will see on your television who is it. If you decide you want to let the guest in, all you need to say is „Serwantess, unlock the door“